Notching Machine with DD Motor Indexing_motor stamping manufacturing process

Our notcher is for the motor stamping manufacturing process. This particular notching machine with DD motor indexing is suitable for installation of molds with large depth dimensions. It has the function of punching the rotor and stator together for one-time loading.

When adjusting the size of the punch, the bed moves and the positioning axis of the punch does not move, which is suitable for automatic loading and unloading.

The positioning of the bed is efficient and high precision. The punching precision is high, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity

The position of the first groove of the punch can be adjusted by rotating the indexing shaft.

By adding a sliding block lifting mechanism, the sliding block can be lifted when taking and placing blanks, which increases the loading and unloading space

 CCS (SF3)-200 with DD Motor Indexing.jpg 

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