2 Notching machines to Brazil in 2019


In 2019, a world well-known company in the electrical sector purchased 2 high-speed notching machines from us. This high-speed Notching machine is for the diameter of stator and rotor lower than Φ1500mm. Machines had been sent and installed to Brazil.


These machines have some customized change in the following aspect according to customer needs:


1. In order to reduce the friction between the punching sheet and the pallet, the pallet is equipped with a ball device.


2. In order to increase the stability of the lamination punching process, a new swing bar press wheel mechanism is designed


3. For safety:

Fences have been added around the machine, and safety light curtains have been added at the entrance.

Electrical interlocking devices are also added to the workbench and punches;

A safety PLC is added separately for safety control.


4. Added remote control function.

 巴西GE三伺服冲槽机1.jpg  巴西GE三伺服冲槽机3.jpg  巴西GE三伺服冲槽机2.jpg  巴西GE三伺服冲槽机.jpg 

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