Multi-head Hydraulic Forming Hot Press For Water Generater Wire Rod

Hot pressing can make the windings become a compact whole, so as to obtain excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and accurate dimensions. This equipment is specialized for curing insulation of large water generator coil bars


Two pairs of water generator coil bar moulds as upper layer and lower layer. Each pair can press two coil bars.


Moulds is able to do inter-turn insulation solidation and molded gelatinization.
Tolerance of the moulds:+-0.1mm for line part, +-0.125mm for end part.

Inner heating equipment with big current

One set of heating equipment, two sets of heating moulds, 4 coil bars.

Inner heating equipment with big current

Adopt magnetic transformer and thyristor for automatic temperature control. The precision error of meter less than +-2.5 degrees.

 水发多头_副本1.png  水发多头_副本.png 

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