CNC Round Scattered Wire Slot-jumping Complete Winding Equipment

This equipment is the specialized CNC winding machine for the large and medium motor coil. The machine has digital adjustable winding mold features. Customers can change the parameter on the touch screen according to the drawing to have different sizes of the coil winding.

Adjustable winding dies

This machine can automatically combine adjustable winding dies to complete the winding of coils of different specifications and sizes

Digital control

Adopt digital control, coil's main technic parameters can be saved and change through the touch screen.

Two modes

Has both manual and automatic mode. Coil loading and unloading are convenient and quick.

Tension control system

The wire bundling mechanism has a tension control system to control the wire tension during the winding process.

Winding gauge: 0.8-2.6mm

Max duplex winding wire number:20/40/60; 

Winding wire stay length: 100-1100mm

Winding machine variable frequency adjustable speed 5-50r/min.

Automatic winding mould opening: fusiform opening W: 120-550m adjustable

Straight-line length L: 250-800 adjustable, length A: 45-320mm length can be adjusted separately.

Fusiform length L+2A: 340-1450mm adjustable.


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