Runway-type Coil CNC Winding Machine

This equipment is the automatic CNC winding machine for the large and medium-sized motor's runway-type coil or fusiform coil's winding.

Adopt full-digital servo control method, all the parameters input, adjust, save through the touch screen.

The machine is able to do single wire winding and multiple wires winding. The max. number of wires is up to 8. Multiple wire winding form: 1*1, 2*1, 2*2

Automatic coil on, counting, manual cutting;
The winding process has the function of manual, auto, pause, emergency shut down.

Pay-off uses constant tension wire. The constant tension can be set and control automatically. The sensor detects the coil reel's distance, then the system uses the feedback to adjust the tension. So the wire tension keeps constant in the winding process after setting.



Technical specification

Coil bobbin pitch: 600~2000 mm(600~2500mm、600~3000mm); 

Coil bobbin diameter: R7.5mm、R10mm、R15mm、R20mm、 R140mm; 

Coil cross-sectional area: height 10~60mm, width 7~25mm; 

Wire gauge: wire thickness 1~4mm; wire width 6~11mm; 

Outer manual cutting lead wire length 100~500mm, machine head's center height from floor: 1250mm; 

Dimensional precision of mould: ±0.5mm; With counting function: max. recordable number of turns 99; 

Main axis speed (step-less speed regulation): 5~25rpm; main axis's max. load: 1000kg; 

Winding Machine max. torque (16rpm) 6000Nm, principal axis has a brake, fix position exactly; 

 跑道式线圈绕线机_副本.png  跑道式线圈绕线机_副本2.png 

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