Robot Taping Machine

This taping machine adopts Japan FANUC robot: R-2000iB/210 six-degree-of-freedom robot, the robot has its own control cabinet and Japan Mitsubishi PLC control system.

This equipment can tape both the stator coil and the rotor coil. It has the automatic and manual functions, it is also equipped with the shockproof function through a mechanical hand to hold and multi-point safety protection setting. All parameters can be entered as needed through the man-machine interface, each cycle and each place can separately set the overlapping pitch, tension, speed, etc.

The taping head can tape with single or double tape reel, it also can tape with different angles, speeds and slopes as the instructions according to the size and shape of the coil.
The two tape reels of the machine can automatically deflect according to the set angle. The taping machine has the function of round-trip taping and automatic lap gradient

The taping tension adjustment can be set through the touch screen, the overlapping rate can be set freely, and it is equipped with the real-time detection function of the tape reel radius to ensure that the tension does not change with the tape reel radius. The taping can be automatically back & forth.

The laser automatic calibration system can automatically make the one-time accurate scanning of alignment of the spatial coordinates to the coil’s shape trajectory for taping, the whole process needs to keep the taping head perpendicular to the coil all the time, the system automatically records all the parameters and trajectories, storing for the later formal production.

 robot taping machine_副本.png

 robot taping machine1_副本.png  

1. Robot load bearing: 200KG; 

2. Coil fusiform length: 550mm~2500mm(550mm~3000mm); 

3. No less than 6 (8) supporting mechanisms; 

4. End part height range: 0~400mm; 

5. The taping coil pitch range of the electronic taping head: 250~800mm; The taping coil pitch range of the mechanical taping head: 180~800mm; 

6. Taping head rotation speed: 0~220r/min; 

7. Tape core diameter: φ25, φ40 mm; Tape reel outer diameter: φ90 ~ φ110 mm; 

8. Insulation tape width: 20mm, 25mm; 

9. Overlapping rate: 0~75%; 

10. Taping angle control: ±20°; 

11. Tension range: 0~60N, electromagnetic tension precision: ±2N; 

12. Overlapping precision: ±0.1mm; 

13. With the function of self-aligning the coil taping track; 

14. Motor power: 11KW, the total power of equipment.

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