Runaway-type Coil CNC Taping Machine

Runaway-type coil CNC taping machine is the mechanical constant tension taping machine for the runway-type coil's automatic taping. We have both conveyor structure and mechanical claw structure.

Conveyor structure

Max. section(height*width): 22*45mm
Min. section(height*width): 7*20mm
Only single side taping work can be carried out.

Mechanical claw structure

Max. section(height*width): 30×60mm,
Min. section(height*width): 7×15mm.

Mechanical constant tension taping head maintain constant tension of 0-6kg during the whole process of taping. Only single side work can be carried out

Pneumatic clamp installed on the mechanical taping head to clamp the coil when taping to prevent the coil's big shaking in order to ensure the taping quality.

Runaway-type coil CNC taping machine conveyor structure


Runaway-type coil CNC taping machine mechanical claw structure


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