10T/15T Rotor CNC Winding Machine

This equipment is mainly used for the overall winding of the large generator's salient-pole rotor winding without shaft. This equipment is mainly composed of a CNC rotor winding mold device, a two-axis coil reel pay-off rack, auxiliary cycloid device, winding station workbench, wire bundle, tension control device, electrical control cabinet, and touch screen.

The main winding spindle's power of the rotor winder: 37 (45) KW, the total power of the others 6KW, totally 43 (51) KW. Output using torque 10000 N*m.

For the rotor without shaft:
Max. length 1650mm, min. length 500mm. Max. diameter 1100mm, min. diameter 650mm. Max. load is 10 tons (15 tons).

The center height of the main winding spindle of the rotor winder is 1850mm from the ground.

CNC winding mold in the rotor length adjustable range can be automatically adjusted by the servo motor so that the workpiece is centered with locking clamping

 绕线机4_副本1.png  绕线机4_副本.png 

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